I READ with incredulity your back page Scottish football headline, “Morelos keeps Hibs quiet ...” (January 28). That headline would’ve been more informative if it had read, “Morelos bizarrely remains on the pitch to keeps Hibs quiet!”. 

I don’t normally debate Scottish football issues but I must say that stance has briefly changed. A red card for a deliberate “stamp” on a Hibs player was not rightly issued to Morelos at Easter Road Stadium on Wednesday night by the SFA referee during the first quarter of this match, a decision that I reckon would’ve been a “game changer” for the home team. But what’s new regarding this consistent ref gaffe that favours the Govan footie club!!?? 

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There is surely a bigger story unfolding for your sports writers and it focuses on the fact that Rangers FC has a glaring statistic, an evolving one, attached to it – NEVER BEEN A RED CARD ISSUED AGAINST ANY RANGERS PLAYER THIS SEASON AND LIKEWISE, NEVER CONCEDED A PENALTY KICK!!!??? 

Now that is surely curious after months and months of footie being played in such a high-contact team sport up to now!!! I must say that I have counted about ten notable incidents/offences so far this season where SFA assigned referees have effectively ignored claims from opposing players (v Rangers FC) regarding possible red card offences or what I’d classify as “stonewall PK offences” in the RFC pen box. 

Why is this happening and why is this glaring statistic recorded as a 100% failure in favour of Rangers FC???? To be frank on this issue, it is highly suspicious and worthy of closer scrutiny for the integrity of the game itself, especially as Scottish footie does not have a great standing in the eyes of many people for various reasons including the Covid non-conformity one.

Bernie Japs