GRANTS and loans given to help football clubs during the pandemic should be repaid by those who breach Covid-19 regulations, according to supporters.

Scottish Football Fans for Independence will meet Supporters Direct Scotland later and are likely to call for Scottish Government intervention.

It comes as the row rumbles on about Celtic’s training trip to Dubai that resulted in one positive Covid-19 test and 16 of the squad self-isolating.

The fallout from the controversy has seen the Scottish Government, Scottish FA and SPFL all face criticism for not taking a stronger lead, and more questions about aid allocations to lower league clubs.

Queen of the South were also forced to apologise to angry fans for breaching regulations when they allowed George Galloway and his family to attend a home game.

Fans have written to MSPs, the Scottish Government and football agencies to find out who is to blame for measures that are “punishing the guilty” while sanctioning the innocent.

“The grants and loans to the clubs overtly breaching Covid regulations must now be revoked and repaid,” said Chick Hosie, of the indy fans’ group.

“Why should the guilty get rewarded and their fixtures allowed to continue and the likes of Partick Thistle and Falkirk are again abused and treated with contempt?”

Hosie said fans want to know how the levels of grants were decided and what decision-making processes were utilised; to whom was the process delegated; how the funding will be monitored; and what type of reporting is required on how the recipient clubs spend the cash.

Founder of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, Paul Goodwin, added: “We likewise have been asking these questions and not getting many answers.

“Given that it is taxpayers’ money, it is unacceptable.”