Scottish Rugby’s Annual Review was issued to clubs last night, revealing that the highest paid director – almost certainly Chief Executive Mark Dodson – received total emoluments comprising salary and benefits of £454k for the financial year up to May 31st 2020, which is down from £933k the previous year.

The aggregate annual emoluments paid to all Directors (executive and non-executive) fell from £2.273m to £1.427m during the same period.

The figures provided in the report take account of reductions volunteered by the Directors in April 2020, seven weeks before the end of the financial year, in response to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Salary reductions remain in place for Directors and a number of senior employees and players at rates dependent on underlying salary level.

It was announced last Friday that the accounts for the financial year up to 31st May 2020 will not be ready in time for part two of this year’s AGM due to complications related to the impact of Covid, but Dodson promised in the Review that stakeholders will have that information as soon as possible and have an opportunity to discuss the figures.

“A third stage of the AGM will be called to discuss our financial performance in 2019-20 and outlook for 2020-21 with our stakeholders in more detail and during which our accounts for 2019-20 will be laid before the clubs,” he said. “Questions focused on our financial position will be welcomed and specific answers given during that meeting, and afterwards for any that need a more detailed response. We will also publish those questions and answers on the website for any members who are unable to attend.

“Meantime, I would like to reassure you that your Board, Council and Executive continue to work together closely, as we have done throughout, to act in the best interests of Scottish Rugby and its stakeholders and in providing as robust a platform as we can to support future recovery, while dealing with the daily challenges that Covid-19 continues to present.”