THE MCRAE name is as synonymous with motorsport as it is success and the family lineage is set to continue into a fourth generation of racer.

Today marks the 25th anniversary since Colin McRae won the World Rally Championship. In the same year, brother Alister became the third member of the family to win the British title as he lifted the crown that his father, Jimmy, had clinched on five occasions.

Now it is his son, Max, that has the McRae name on his machine as he proves his worth Down Under and begins to forge a career for himself at the wheel.

Despite the huge success that Colin and Alister achieved around the world during their respective careers, no other Scottish driver has been able to follow in their tracks to the top of the sport.

That could change in the coming years, though, as the most famous family in Scottish motorsport throw their experience and encouragement behind the latest McRae to put his foot to the floor.

“It is a shame that there hasn’t been [another Scottish World Champion], but motorsport is a very difficult sport to take up,” Jimmy told Herald and Times Sport. “It relies a lot on money and sponsorship and being in the right place at the right time.

“There were a few Scottish drivers that might have made it but just didn’t get the backing at the right time. It would have been nice if there had been someone else but I can only hope now that my grandson in Australia can do it.

"He was born in Scotland so it would still be another Scottish champion. Max has won the go-kart championship for three years in Western Australia and he is now into rallying.

“At 16, he can drive L-Plates. This year was cut short because of Covid but he finished second in the two-wheel drive class in a more-or-less standard 1600 Fiesta.

“He beat a lot of more powerful cars so there is a bit of a glimmer of hope there. He has proven himself in racing with the Radicals and shown that he is up there with the best of the boys.

“At 16, we are keeping our fingers crossed. It is like everything else, you have to get the finance if you have the talent and we will definitely try and get the backing to point him in the right direction.”