THE issue of televised football is, or in my view should be, a public health/public order issue.

If football is to continue then all important matches should be broadcast on the BBC.

Some make the call to others to watch football at home. They should reflect on the fact that in the age of pay TV many cannot afford to do so. Many will visit a mate who can afford pay TV.

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Lets not forget the parents of the quarter of Scottish kids who live in poverty. Those parents, and many elderly, and many who were – and no longer are – in precarious work live in poverty too.

I’m not excusing and certainly not condoning irresponsible behaviour.

But lets not kid ourselves. Those, like me, who have a modicum of financial security have a reason to buy into rules. Those who are being shafted by a Treasury that has diluted future furlough schemes will inevitably have a somewhat different perspective.

Bill Ramsay
via email