BRIAN GRAHAM has admitted promotion is the aim across the board at Partick Thistle – after the forward was appointed manager of the women’s side.

Graham was confirmed on Monday as the new manager of Partick Thistle Women’s FC and will be assisted by teammates Richard Foster and Ross Docherty, whilst continuing to play his trade full time for the men’s outfit.

And following Thistle’s premature relegation from the Championship due to the season being curtailed by the pandemic, the former Dundee United man is intent on lifting trophies as a manager and player come the end of the season.

Asked whether promotion was the aim, he said: “Of course it is, you know what’s happened to the men’s game we have been relegated and feel a bit hard done by but we need to get on with it we got to focus and go and win League One. The girls want to get to the Premier and that’s something that’s a great challenge for me and if I’m lifting two cups at the end of the season that will be fantastic.”

After leaving Ross County in the top division to play for Partick in the Championship last year, Graham has all the motivation he needs to help steer Ian McCall’s side up the divisions again.

“Personally, it has been hard to take (Thistle’s relegation),” he said. “I took a pay cut to come to the club because it was a family decision, then you need to take another pay cut because you’ve been unfairly relegated. I could easily have left, there was interest in me, but I feel a connection with the club now because I’ve been through this with them and I want to help them through the other end. It was an easy decision (to stay), I wanted to stay on board with the manager.

“I think (relegation) will give us extra motivation. Now we have the dressing room the way we want it, the manager has got the dressing room the way he wants it as well and the training is at more of a high standard and we’re all pushing together. I still see myself as a Premier league striker. Ross County didn’t want me to go but they understood it was a family decision. I put onus on myself to score goals whatever league I’m in. I’m not saying I’m too good for League One, I’m a League One player that’s the way I want to look at it and I’m fully focused on getting out of league One.”

The women’s side begin their season on October 18 against Glasgow Women. Andm whilst getting into coaching was always the eventual aim for the one-time League Cup winner, he admitted the opportunity presented itself sooner than anticipated.

He said: “It was something I thought would happen later in my career, but I was delighted to take it. First Beth (Adamson) spoke to me then I had a call with Jacqui (Low) and I was delighted to take it on board.

“I saw the role was advertised, I knew Beth was part of the coaching. I saw her one day and asked about it as a passing comment and it came from there. I knew Doc was interested and Richard was interested so I thought If I could get the both of them on board, it would be a big help. Jacqui was excellent with it and gave it the go ahead.

“I saw the Women’s World Cup, that’s when I started to take an interest in women’s football. I didn’t know much about it before then but the World Cup I think was great for the women’s game and I think it’s only going to get bigger.”

The 32-year-old also admitted his appointment as manager of the women’s team has engaged daughter Sofia far more than his involvement in football as a player.

“She comes to watch me but would rather play with her phone,” he said.

“When I told her I was going to be the manager she was absolutely over the moon, asking if she can come to training, if she can get involved. She’s nine, my house it totally run by football my wee boy is five he is at football three nights a week. I’ve got two nights with the girls so it’s football daft in the Graham household.”