WITH so many sporting events now cancelled for the foreseeable future, probably longer than most of us ever expected, online engagement is key to maintaining supporters’ interest.

Keeping current names such as Erin Cuthbert and Kim Little at the forefront of people’s minds is key to ensuring when football does resume, the crowds will once again turn out to support #ourgirlsourgame.

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To help do this, the Scottish FA has gone on a quest to find out who you believe should be voted as Scotland’s 50 greatest international players. It has chosen 194 candidates, across the men’s and women’s game and if I have counted correctly, there are 47 females on the list, some going back to the early 1970s.

This is a great move towards recognising the many players who achieved so much so early on in the growth of the women’s international team and lists some great players of their time, from Linda Brown, with 48 caps and 20 goals from her debut in 1983 to Debbie McWhinnie, with 45 caps and 10 goals from her debut in 2002. Perhaps not so well known to today’s football fans, but instrumental in the progress of the women’s game and the fact the Scottish FA has searched the records and ensured diversity in this competition is to be applauded.  

However here’s the rub. When you are up against household names and favourites such as Ally McCoist and Tom Boyd, it is a big ask to ensure the women will get a look in.

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This is where you come in, where you can make the difference and ensure women are recognised alongside their male counterparts. 

You can go online and select your top five, and those who take part could win prizes such as a signed Scotland shirt. This is where to vote: www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/50-greatest

Unfortunately, I am already reading social media comments from people who don’t think women should be included, who don’t believe they deserve recognition for the years they represented their country – many at their own expense  – as they feel that their achievements cannot be compared to male players. 

However, I believe these people are in the minority. I hope many of you will vote and include your favourite female player in your top five.