I WAS dismayed once again to see your football coverage dominated by Celtic and Rangers on Sunday. There were eight games played in the lower leagues, and only one got a decent report (Partick Thistle v Dundee United); the others were ignored. Not even a divisional round-up for Leagues One and Two. There was, however, space for a report on Rangers’ friendly with Lokomotiv Tashkent.

I find it crazy that even when the Old Firm are not playing domestically they dominate your sports pages.

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If it wasn’t for the excellent coverage of Saturday’s march I wouldn’t have bought the paper and it’s the sole reason why I do not subscribe. I find it more than a little ironic that, in the same paper, you do a big feature on James Dornan’s decision to give up his personal fight against sectarianism and yet The National can’t see past the two clubs who do more to facilitate and encourage bigotry than any others. There are roughly 6000 or so fans who follow Falkirk and Raith Rovers. Do you not think they deserved to see a little bit about their team on Sunday given they were playing matches that actually matter?

Scott Harrison
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