Hannah Miley will attempt to use this weekend’s Scottish short-course championships as a springboard towards making it to a fourth and final Olympics next summer.

Having missed out on last week’s Europeans in Glasgow, the 30-year-old is among a cast of leading British hopefuls heading to Edinburgh, including European medallists Freya Anderson, Tom Dean and Duncan Scott.

After rebounding from surgery, Miley concedes she faces an uphill battle to make her case in April’s trials for Tokyo. However, not trying, she says, would leave her even more frustrated than missing the cut.

“It’s going to go one of two ways – I’ll either make the team or I won’t,” said Miley, who is due to swim in today’s 400m individual medley. “And it’s very black and white in my eyes and through results. I’ll feel satisfied knowing that at least I tried, because I was so ready to give up in 2018 and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I stuck with it, because otherwise, I would sit with a lot of regret.

“I know I’ve swum the times I need in the past. It is a time that is achievable. But whether I can still do that now with surgery, I genuinely don’t know. Not knowing used to freak me out, but now it actually makes me feel so much more relaxed because it takes the extra pressure and stress off. So I’m not worried about it.”