With Celtic playing Rangers at Ibrox for the first time this season on Sunday in a Ladbrokes Premiership match, actor, broadcaster and comedian Andy Cameron looks back on his first Old Firm game.

"Rangers beat Celtic 4-1 at Ibrox in the first Old Firm game I went to on New Year’s Day in 1955. Johnny Hubbard scored a hat-trick. His first was a stunning goal. He beat three of their players, Mike Haughney, Jock Stein and goalkeeper Andy Bell, before walking the ball into the net.

"I used to interview players in the hospitality lounges at Ibrox on match days. When I was waiting for them to come out of the dressing room in the foyer, wee Johnny would sometimes be sitting there. Every time I asked him about that goal it got better and better. After a while, he had beaten eight Celtic players, two polis men and a steward. He was such a nice guy.

"Johnny is still the last Rangers player to score three goals against Celtic in a league game 64 years later.

"When I was a boy, we used to go to Ibrox and stand in the terracing. The kids used to get shoved down the front. You saw a different game down there. You looked up at the pitch. That was where we learned how to head the ball. Sometimes bottles would rain down on us. Lex McLean, the great Scottish comedian, used to say ‘it’s like the war, if your name’s on it you’ll get it, there’s no point worrying about it’.

"But for some reason, when I went to the Old Firm game that day we had tickets for the stand. I couldn’t believe it. I had never even been in the stand. I was only 14. The fact Rangers beat Celtic and beat them 4-1 made it even better.

"I can remember getting off the train at the station in Rutherglen after that game. There were a lot of Celtic supporters with us. But their team had just been heavily beaten so we acted accordingly and left them alone.

"At that time, my cousins, The Davidsons, used to have a party every New Year’s Day. I came from a mixed family. There were supporters of both sides. There was a lot of good banter at those get togethers, nothing malicious, and we had a right laugh that day.

"As a kid, I actually played football against a lad who would go on to distinguish himself in Old Firm games years later. I went to Fairy Street Primary School. We played St Columbkille’s Primary School in a cup final once. I was right half for my team, Bobby Murdoch was inside left for their side. They had to unscrew me out of the ground at the end of the match. Needless to say, they won.

"He was a lovely guy, Bobby. In my opinion, he is Celtic’s greatest ever player. The Lisbon Lions had some incredible footballers. People talk about Tam Gemmell, Jimmy Johnstone and Billy McNeill. They were certainly heroes. But the first name on the team sheet would have been Bobby Murdoch.

"I am looking forward to the game this Sunday. I still don’t miss a match. Rangers are a lot better now. Steven Gerrard is a football man. He handles everything very well. It is a strange thing that he has never won a league title before in his career. I imagine he will be determined to win the Ladbrokes Premiership this season. It will be a big, big ambition of his.

"I can remember another great story that Johnny Hubbard used to tell about Sammy Baird making his debut for Rangers at Ibrox. At half-time he came in and said: ‘That crowd is unbelievable! I’ve never played in front of a crowd like that! There must be 50,000 people out there!’ Johnny said: ‘There’s 48,372’. Sammy said: ‘How do you know that?’ Johnny replied: ‘I counted them - while I was waiting for a f****** pass from you!’"