A FOOTBALL punditry podcast will make the transition to television when A View From The Terrace airs on the new BBC Scotland channel.

Craig Cairns, a journalist with The National and a member of the team behind the programme, said it had come a long way since he became a regular around six years ago, and since it began as a university project around 2007.

“In recent years we have gone from making one hour-long show a week to two, and more recently to providing extra paid-for content on top of that that we put out on Patreon,” said Cairns.

The National:
From left: Robert Borthwick, Shaughan McGuigan, Craig Fowler, Joel Sked and Craig G Telfer will be the main on-screen talen for the new TV show

“We are now also preparing for our first live show next month. We may only be on air for a combined two, two-and-a half hours a week but much more work goes on behind the scenes in terms of planning, research and editing. All the guys do this for no pay on top of full-time jobs.”

He said adapting the show for television has meant a lot of hard work, adding: “The guys at Studio Something, who will be producing the show, put together a pilot brimming with excellent content and if the TV show is half as good we’ll be on to a winner.

“Our greatest strength is the collective, though the biggest praise has to go to editor-in-chief and founder of the podcast Craig Fowler.

“He has literally put in years of hard work and organisation to keep it going. He deserves this recognition more than anyone else.”