BRENDAN Rodgers has vowed to help Oliver Burke add football intelligence to his natural attributes and fulfil his enormous potential during his loan spell at Celtic.

The 21-year-old has struggled to build on the early promise he showed after he broke through at Nottingham Forest during spells with RB Leipzig in Germany and West Brom in England.

However, Rodgers, who has a proven track record with youngsters, admitted he was excited at the prospect of working with the 6ft 2in player. He is confident the former Scotland winger, who can also play through the middle, can come good if he is clear about his role in the side.

“I think Oliver is flexible enough, but he needs work," he said.

"Leipzig don’t play with wingers. He played at the top of the diamond as a striker. If that’s the first time you’ve played that position, and you’re not really clear about it, then it can be very difficult. So it’s trying to give clarity.

“He can come here, take a few steps back and learn for a few months. That’s what we do here. We coach and teach players the position."

Rodgers added: “I’ve always had that with young players - the best example being Raheem Sterling. I used Raheem on the right side, on the left side and the top of the diamond. He also played as a striker. At times I also used him at right-back — just running up the field on his own. He was that good.

“So with Oliver I think it’s helping him see the game. He is a bright boy, he’s got good technique although he needs to work on his efficiency - there’s no doubt of that.

“But how can we help him? How can we improve and develop him? Talk him through it, coach him, give him confidence. Then let’s see where he’s at because there’s no doubt - when you saw him break on to the scene - it was a 'wow’ feeling.”