DYCE Boys Club are celebrating a significant cash windfall following Stuart Armstrong’s £7 million move from Celtic to Southampton.

Transfers can generate solidarity payments to the clubs who trained the player in their formative years under FIFA regulations.

And Dyce Boys Club were the beneficiaries of Armstrong's move to Premier League club Southampton - landing a six figure sum.

Dyce officials have kept close tabs on Stuart’s career since he went professional - but they were caught by surprise by the payment that the midfielder’s move to the south coast generated.

Dyce Boys Club treasurer Len Nicol said: “We are in a state of shock. We never dreamt how much it would be.

"We heard news of the transfer just before it was announced and we knew that there would be a payment. But I nearly dropped the phone when I heard how much it was.

“Although I’ve seen the bank statement it really is hard to believe. This money will help sustain the club for years and we will be able to invest it back into the local community.

“It is just wonderful that money can flow through to the grassroots to help us produce the next Stuart Armstrong and more importantly, to help ensure lots of kids in the areas can enjoy their football.”

Former Dyce coach Ronnie Cromar said: “Stuart’s path to the top is an amazing story.

"We are all so proud of what he has achieved so far in his career and we often talk about him as an example to the young players currently at the club.

“Through the years, we have had the pleasure to coach other internationalists such as Graeme Shinnie and Scott Booth while Bruce Anderson is another former player who has recently broken through into professional football.

“Of course, we want to improve them as footballers, but we also want to help shape them into becoming good people. Stuart is a brilliant role model. Not only is he a great player but he is also an intelligent young man.

“When he played for us, Stuart often played out on the wing, but as he grew older he became more of a playmaker. His progress was like a rocket after he moved to Dundee United though.

“His development isn’t finished, he will progress even further and we look forward to seeing him back at the club next time he is home.”

Armstrong said: “I owe a lot to the coaches and volunteers at Dyce Boys Club. I joined the club when I was 13 years old and spent five happy years there.

“It was great to meet up with the club committee last week in Edinburgh. They brought some old photographs with them and we reminisced about my time at the club.

“I’m really proud that the move to Southampton has triggered a payment to the club as it was a great place for me to learn and enjoy my football while I was growing up.

“They will put the money to good use to help ensure that more and more young players in the area can enjoy their football.”