The grandbairn has spoken and it seems we need a new plinth in Scottish football’s pantheon of greats under which we can all kneel and worship ourselves into a state of flapping reverence.

“I thought Kenny Dalglish was the best fitba’ player but it’s Leigh Griffiths,” said Gordon Strachan with a wry grin. “My son’s wee boy loves football and he loves Celtic. My son, Kenny Dalglish and myself were playing golf in La Manga last year. My son told his boy, ‘do you know daddy played with probably Scotland’s best ever player today?’ and his wee boy said ‘Leigh Griffiths’.

“That was about two weeks before we played England and he came to the game … and Griff scored two goals.”

Cheery, family anecdotes aside, there was a serious side to Strachan’s meander down the Griffiths route. It’s the week of Celtic versus Rangers in the semi-finals of the William Hill Scottish Cup so what does that mean? That’s right, five days of build-up barrages, prolonged previews and remorseless reportings that will be akin to wading through coverage of the 100 Years War.

In this increasingly fevered period, almost everybody with a link to either side of the Glasgow divide gets wrung dry like green or blue cloots getting rolled through a mangle. Yesterday at Hampden, it was the former Celtic manager Strachan’s turn to offer some musings and pearls of wisdom.

The subject of Griffiths, and his value to the Celtic cause, was a major item on the agenda and, like his grandson, Strachan remains a huge admirer of the 27-year-old. Whether Griffiths will be plunged into the frontline battle from the off this weekend remains to be seen.

Due to a persistent and niggling problem with his calves, Griffiths has had more ins and outs than a hokey cokey night in the Kerrydale Suite and after a run of games, he would be sidelined again before re-merging from the bench.

Despite the stop-start nature of his campaign, Griffiths’ predatory instincts remain as sharp as ever and he showed these qualities last weekend when he came on as a substitute to score the winner against Hamilton. Brendan Rodgers has had a tendency to favour Moussa Dembele in the big encounters but Griffiths continues to stake a sturdy claim.

“Of course there’s a case for Griff,” said Strachan who, funnily enough, came under plenty of criticism himself for not starting Griffiths during his time as Scotland manager. “He’s never let Celtic down when he’s played. He’s become far better in the air over the last three or four years too.

“Wee guys are likely to take a knock when they are going up that high. So he’s come on brilliantly in that regard. In big games, Celtic may go for power but Griff gives you something else.

“When you play him, I think you are guaranteed at least four shots a game. Players often get unfairly treated. People say they are not this and they are not that and they are not very clever. But you need to have a reasonable amount of intelligence to take things in. And there’s no doubt that Leigh has taken things in from managers over the last three or four years that has made him a better player.

“He is daft at times. But you wouldn’t change him. He never done me any harm when I worked with him. He added to the energy about the place, he added to the humour. And I got to watch him score wonderful goals. There is something about him. He’s sharp, everything he does is quick. You see him, then he’s gone.”

This is still Griffiths’ footballing attributes we are talking about and not, shall we say, some of his more effervescent dalliances. It’s the romance of the cup this weekend, and Strachan is hoping for a cracker.

“Last month I got Hibs versus Hearts and Celtic versus Rangers on one weekend (for TV work) and we had a great product which filled the screens,” he said. “There was noise, enthusiasm and talking points.

“It was a good way to showcase Scottish football and I hope for the same this weekend. I say hope because I can’t remember being involved in a cracking semi-final.

“The stakes are too high. Some of the worst games I’ve played in have been semi-finals.”

A grim 0-0 and penalties it is then ...

Gordon Strachan was speaking at William Hill Media event. William Hill are proud sponsors of the Scottish Cup.