‘THE best laid schemes o’ Mice an Men, Gang aft agley.” These words of wisdom, written around 1785, popped into my head this week and although I am sure that the illustrious Rabbie Burns wasn’t thinking of a snow storm at the time of writing, I feel that they probably reflect the thoughts of many sporting organisations over this past week.

One thing the weather did however, was to keep the winter Olympic spirit alive, as kids and adults alike hurtled downhill in plastic bags, trays, make-shift sledges, head first, emulating the skeleton and bobsleigh, with several people popping on their skies to get to work, and for a short time, for most people, it was great fun. Another thing it did was get our kids outside playing, but that seems a drastic and perhaps short-lived solution to the inactivity crisis that we have.

What a beautiful site it was, soft white snow, drifting down to form a carpet of marshmallow -likeness, and I along with quite a few non-believers of the doom and gloom weather forecast, did not think for a moment the chaos it would cause! I hold my head in shame still.

Its presence last weekend ensured that most sporting fixtures in many areas of Scotland were wiped out. That, in fact, included our own SW/S event, the induction of eight Pioneers of Sport into our inaugural Hall of Fame. So months of planning, programmes created and printed, inductees contacted, tickets sold, BBC coverage organised, all had to be cancelled. With people travelling from all over Scotland to the event, there was no way that we could risk danger to life and limb, even if they could get access to their vehicles.

Delighted to say we have a re-arranged date for our Afternoon Lunch. It is Sunday, May 6, once again at GoGlasgow Urban hotel, and if you were keen to attend on the previous date but had a prior commitment, hopefully this new date will be more suitable. Tickets are available.

Someone who managed to defy the weather and turn in an absolute sterling performance at the recent World Indoor Athletics championship was Scotland’s golden girl, Laura Muir. There is so much to admire about this quiet but steely and determined young woman. She is currently studying at the University of Glasgow to become a vet, whilst balancing the rigours of training to become one of Great Britain’s top athletes. In fact she has declined the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, which are just under three weeks away, as it clashes with her final exams.

Her build up to the event where she won a bronze in the 3,000m, and a silver in the 1,500m was nothing if not interesting. It consisted of a full day studying, followed by multiple failed attempts to get a flight from Glasgow to Birmingham because of snow. This failed attempt then culminated in a seven-hour, 300-mile taxi journey. Even a lay person would agree, not the best preparation for a race. Success was not just Laura’s, as Eilidh Doyle lifted a bronze and Zoey Clarke, from Aberdeen, who had her own drama tweeted: “Well what an emotional rollercoaster that was! Initially 4th in the 4x4 then promoted to 3rd only to be DQ’d and then finally reinstated! But so delighted to be a world bronze medalist with these girls.”

Unfortunately the Scotland U-19’s women’s football team weren’t so fortunate. They were forced to withdraw from the Ten Nations Tournament in Spain, as due to the severe weather conditions, their flight was cancelled. The squad who were flying out to La Manga in Spain as part of their preparations for the Women’s U-19 elite round tournament in April, which will be hosted in Scotland, were due to play Sweden, Iceland and Switzerland.

I am sure there were a lot if disappointed faces, however the decision was the sensible one, and Scotland Women’s U-19s head coach Pauline Hamill said: “Everyone involved is really disappointed not to be able to travel to Spain to take part in the Ten Nations Tournament. “Despite all our best efforts to find an alternative route and following discussions with the tournament organisers, we have reluctantly made the decision to withdraw.”

So back to normal. I hope for sport in Scotland this weekend, and let’s hope spring is just around the corner.