SO, what would you do if you were Alfredo Morelos?

Rangers’ Colombian striker is no world beater, although at 21-years-old his best days have still to come.

He could stay at Rangers, score a few more goals this season and sneak into his country’s World Cup squad which may consequently see him become a wanted man.

But football can be a cruel business.

Morelos could easily lose form or get injured. Therefore, why not accept an awful lot of money to play in China knowing full well you could return to Europe in a year or so?

So, what would you do if you were Rangers?

They have a bit of momentum, Morelos is scoring goals and there is not much time to replace him; ergo, it would be madness to sell him now.

Indeed, should he keep doing well then maybe the £7million bid from Beijing Renhe will be bettered down the line.

But Rangers are relying on soft loans to keep going. Sure, the Scottish Cup is up for the grabs but the league is gone and, let’s be honest, they could probably find another striker before the window shuts.

The offer of £7m is a lot of money. It would be hard to turn down, even more so if the club from the Chinese capital, who operate in a ridiculously inflated market, come in with an increased bid.

Decisions, decisions.

“We have to look at what Alfredo is capable of doing,” said Graeme Murty yesterday, who it must be said didn’t seem overly concerned with the situation.

“If he thinks he’s capable of playing in the Premier League then we have to get him to the stage where he becomes a fantastic viable option for the Premier League and Colombian national team.

“If we do that then he is absolutely pulling up trees in this country; a happy, healthy and fit Alfredo Morelos. In that mind-set, he becomes a fantastic option for the Premier League. Not just the Chinese league.

“Then he could look at multiple options, not just one, he’s looking at mega-mega dough instead of mega-dough.

“Alfredo has adjusted really well to being in this country. Everything we get from him and his agent tells us he is happy here and wants to stay. Everything that is going on is coming from outside agents. It’s not Alfredo.

“Not once has he come to us and said ‘I want to go for this, that and the other reason’.

“So, as far as we are concerned, we listen to their offers. That’s great and we will be respectful to it but as I’ve said before it will come down to a football decision and I will not weaken the squad.”

Rangers are not as skint as some make out on a daily basis, but Paris Saint-Germain they are not. This is why four players were brought in on loan this month. Should they opt to keep Morelos, it would be a risk.

The player will travel with Rangers to Fraserburgh for tonight’s Scottish Cup tie. It will be interesting to see whether he plays or not.

“It is a lot of money,” said Murty. “But I have been told all the way through that it is down to a football decision.

“If you can take someone out of the squad and replace him with better then go and do it. If not that what are you doing?

“We are here to build something, to be on the right path, and I don’t want to derail that.

“Lots of people outside the club who are ‘experts’ but don’t know what is happening inside or what we are doing. They say lots of things but as far as I am concerned, I deal with Mark Allen, the board (and) the chairman, who has told me to make solid footballing decisions in terms of incoming and outgoing.”

And speaking of the chairman, Murty and Dave King met for the first time on Monday night, the venue one of Glasgow’s better Italian eateries.

“I took a great deal from it,” said the Rangers manager.

“It was a nice meal. It was good to get his vision on what he wants to do and how he sees it, and to get the feeling he has for the football club.

“That is something which has been missed in a lot of reporting. He has a huge depth of regard for Rangers and he wants to see the club at the top of Scottish football.

“We discussed his vision, what we need to do and where we need to be. If I am part of it than I would love it because I think this is going to be a fantastic place to be.”

Murty joked that he would have to deal with a curveball while on the bus to tonight’s game. And the match itself could be far from simple.

He said: “We have been charged with not being up for the smaller games but I thought out attitude was spot-on against Ross County.

“If we do that again, regardless what the conditions are, I am happy and confident we can overcome.”

Meanwhile, Murty has praised the contribution of Danny Wilson, the defender who has left Rangers to join Colorado Rapids in the MLS.

Wilson has signed a three-year deal with the US club and goes with Murty’s best wishes.

“Danny’s contract was going to be up,” explained Murty. “He had a hard time previous to me coming in, I picked him, made him captain, he scored a couple of vital goals and he put in some good performances.

“He’s been a man for me. He’s stood up to everything that has come his way.

“Danny has made this decision for the challenge and for his family.

“I wish him well.”