GLASGOW Tigers have hit out at the stadium threat hanging over rivals Edinburgh Monarchs after local Armadale councillor Stuart Barrowman suggested in a recent statement that sportscotland do not recognise Armadale Stadium, the Monarchs’ home, as “an outdoor sport facility”, writes Phil Lanning.

The Glasgow Tigers management are now calling for sportscotland to actively support the case of saving the site for the sake of thousands of speedway fans across the country.

Ian Beattie, the Tigers general manager, said: “I have to say I’d be very surprised if sportscotland have not helped the situation for Edinburgh Monarchs.

“Sportscotland are there to do everything they can to increase, as well as save, as many sporting facilities in the country.

“Speedway has thousands of fans up and down the UK and in Scotland. Edinburgh and Glasgow are regarded as two of the biggest clubs in the Championship League and Edinburgh are possibly the most successful side over the past decade.

“It’s a fantastic family sport. Hundreds of young kids go to watch and this mustn’t be jeopardised.

“We have a very healthy rivalry with Edinburgh. It’s been called the Fast Old Firm clashes and we get crowds of over 2000 for those meetings. Losing Edinburgh would be a disaster for the sport in this country.

“It is the club’s intention to contact sportscotland in our bid to help secure the future for our nearest rivals.”

The new speedway season starts on Friday, March 23 at Ashfield between Glasgow and Edinburgh.