FORMER Scotland football player Amy McDonald has backed calls for an inquiry into homophobia allegations in sport as she denounced Tyson Fury’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year nomination.

McDonald, who retired from the pitch through injury, is head of youth development at Glasgow City FC and says she withstood sexism and homophobia to achieve in sport.

The 30-year-old, who has a civil partner, says the move would stop people feeling “isolated” and could encourage top athletes to come out publicly.

She told The National: “People feel isolated. It is a taboo subject.

“There is a huge problem within male sport – it is still macho and quite narrow-minded. Somebody is going to have to take a hit at some point. If they can do that and continue to play at the top level, they will be recognised for that rather than their sexuality. It would be a huge step forward.”

Hazel Irvine, part of the nomination committee, has refused to comment on reports that the boxer had not been selected by her panel.