FORMER Partick Thistle player Jordan McMillan has been hit with a two-year ban from all competitive sport after consuming cocaine at a party prior to a Celtic match last December.

McMillan, the former Rangers and Dunfermline player, was sacked by Thistle in mid-season after he failed a drugs test following the match against Celtic.

The ban follows an investigation by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), a tribunal hearing and an appeal.

McMillan, 26, has always refused to admit knowingly taking the drug. Had he admitted the offence, McMillan could have served just a six-month ban. Instead he is blaming “a family friend” for spiking his drink with the drug and has therefore been given a maximum two-year ban under the anti-doping “strict liability” rules.

In his evidence to the original National Anti-Doping Tribunal, McMillan stated through his solicitors that Mr X was “a known friend of the family, not to Jordan, but little was known about his cocaine addiction.

“Mr. X concealed his consumption of the drug by pouring it into his own drink as he was preparing the drinks for a number of the party including Jordan McMillan. Unfortunately the drink that had been mixed with cocaine was given to our client which he then consumed.

“He was oblivious to the fact that it contained any other substance and thought nothing of it.”

However, evidence presented to the tribunal by an intelligence coordinator of UKAD said that Crimestoppers “had received claims that McMillan, who plays football for Partick Thistle and lives in the Balornock area of Glasgow, is taking cocaine on a regular basis, mostly socially at weekends.

“It is believed he is being supplied by local dealers in the pubs he frequents.”

However, McMillan claimed that he detested drugs and that his brother, whose death certificate was produced, had died as a consequence of a drug overdose.

The tribunal findings added: “The death certificate of his brother, Craig McMillan, confirmed the cause of death as being: “1a. Acute preliminary oedema and congestion Ib. Temazepam and Morphine intoxication.”

The Scottish Football Association issued a statement yesterday morning saying that it had “today received confirmation from UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) that Jordan McMillan has been suspended from all sport for two years following an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.”

“As a result McMillan is banned from all competitive sport until December 17, 2016.”

McMillan told the Scottish Sun yesterday: “It’s so easy for your drink to become contaminated without your knowledge. I’m sitting here with a ban because of that.

“The only thing I can say is the guy in question owned up to it and was formally charged by the police.

McMillan says he will not admit to the offence.

He said: “Did I ever think about saying I did it to get a shorter ban? No. It’s not in my interests.”