ANDY Robertson senses the whole Scotland squad is united in their quiet determination to end their long absence from a major finals.

Scotland are on course in their qualification bid having beaten Georgia and Republic of Ireland at home, and drawn in Poland and Dublin, but other results have made their goal even harder to attain ahead of their latest Group D clash in Tbilisi tomorrow night. So the focus is on the task in hand rather than thinking about what might lie in store next June. Robertson said: “It’s not really like you talk about it as such, but all the boys know that we want to get Scotland back in the big competitions. That’s all the boys’ aim in that squad just now. We don’t talk about who we’re sharing a room with in France and things like that. But obviously we all want to get there and you can see that when you are talking to all the boys – everyone wants to go to the one place.” Poland’s two wins over Georgia, and the Republic’s last-gasp victory in Tbilisi, mean Scotland could find themselves behind if they fail to collect three points tomorrow, but their form would give them every hope of making up lost points in successive Hampden contests against Germany and Poland.

“Every game is important now and all the boys are just excited to be back with the squad,” Robertson said. “Like the gaffer has said all along, we have never known what game was the must-win game, but one of them definitely will be. We will only know that by the end of the group.

“We are trying to win it and hopefully we get the three points and that’s another big push towards where we want to go.

“It does have the must-win feel about it but, just because we are getting to the end of the group, every game has that feel about it, and I’m sure that’s the same for all the countries involved.”