GIBRALTAR captain Roy Chipolina has praised the country’s fans for their support after it emerged that some of them were injured in a road traffic accident following Saturday’s defeat to Germany.

As the minnows do not have a UEFA-compliant stadium, they have been forced to play their Euro 2016 Group D qualifying matches 250 miles away in Faro, Portugal.

And a coach packed with supporters, who watched their side lose 7-0, was involved in an accident that led to the death of an occupant in another vehicle.

Scotland wrap up their qualifying campaign against Gibraltar in Faro in October.

Chipolina said: “We are all deeply shocked at the news of the coach accident involving our supporters on their return from Saturday evening’s game in Faro.

“Our condolences go out to the family who have lost a loved one in the incident.

“We hope that all of our supporters who were injured in the incident make a quick recovery.

“It was amazing to walk out in the stadium on Saturday and see so many people from Gibraltar in the stands supporting us.

“Each and every player and member of the coaching staff are always amazed at the passionate, loyal and immense support you give us.”