The National:

UK Prime minister Theresa May and immigration minister Caroline Nokes have both been in Scotland today – and both have done all they can to avoid scrutiny.

The two Tories, perhaps inspired by their Scottish counterparts, have refused requests for interviews. But that didn't stop Scots from making themselves heard.

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May had been at Edinburgh University, holding talks with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and signing the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

The day had started poorly for her. On the way in, she was heckled with shouts of "give us indyref2".

In the same clip, you can hear Janey Godley shout: "Is your shoes lovely Theresa? We've got nice food banks."

And it didn't get any easier for the PM as she left. A crowd of around 200 booed May as she walked to her car ... with only one person applauding.

Well done to those who made themselves heard – because the Tories will do everything they can to deny us that voice.