IT'S a huge year for the independence movement and Scotland as a whole, as we head to another General Election.

But staying up to date with all the latest political news can be challenging when you're overwhelmed with stories that really only apply south of the Border. 

At the same time, the water is often muddied at election time in Scotland as outlets up here conflate between reserved and devolved issues without being clear which really matters in a Westminster ballot.

The National: File photo dated 07/08/13 of The Palace of Westminster, which contains the House of Commons and the House of Lords, in central London. A Westminster committee will examine the role of the civil service in supporting both the UK and Scottish governments.

At The National, we don't want to spread confusion about who's responsible for what. We want our readers to know exactly which powers are held at which Parliament (and ultimately we want all of them held here in Scotland!)

We know the stories that matter to the Scottish electorate at election time. When candidates try to blur the line between devolved and reserved, we'll be there to point out the truth. 

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We're primed to Fact Check those big election claims, review the major debates and provide in-depth explainers on the promises in manifestos. 

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