THE House of Commons descended into chaos this week as the Speaker broke convention during what should have been a serious debate led by the SNP on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The fallout has seen Lindsay Hoyle potentially face a vote of no confidence and calls for him to resign while sparking fury among SNP MPs who lost out on crucial opposition debate time in the Westminster chamber.

But how did we get here and why were Labour so insistent that their amendment to the SNP's motion was heard instead?

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SNP chief whip Owen Thompson takes our political reporters through the ins and outs of what happened in the Commons and his outrage at an incident he said was on a par with Boris Johnson illegally proroguing Parliament. 

We discuss how Thompson called for an investigation into the claims that UK Labour leader Keir Starmer had pressured Hoyle into breaking convention and an unprecedented apology made by the Speaker.

This episode of Holyrood Weekly also takes listeners through the key parts of Scottish Labour's conference at the SEC in Glasgow last weekend, which preceded the Gaza Commons debate.

The party passed a motion calling for an immediate ceasefire and end to collective punishment - in a similar vein to the SNP's motion - but the wording is apparently what the UK party's leadership had an issue with.

Go behind the scenes of the conference huddle with Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, Keir Starmer's speech to an unfilled 500-seater hall and the pro-Palestinian protest that descended on the venue on Saturday. 

Elsewhere, our reporters analyse the fallout from the Speaker row, the main stories from FMQs and give a Buffer Zones Bill update. 

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