ON February 27, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the McCrone Report in a major way – and you can help get the word out to Scotland about how Westminster rinsed us.

The National’s special edition will bring in top new analysis and comment from key political and industry figures – as well as publishing in full the bombshell government memorandum that the UK so desperately wanted to hush up because of the boost it would give the independence cause.

You can now buy copies of our special edition in bulk to share at stalls or put through doors to get the message out.


If you have any questions around the bulk sales offering, which come in packages of 50, 100, 5000 or 1000, you can get in touch with stewart.ward@thenational.scot

We will also have extra copies of the newspaper in shops on February 27 so that you can buy one to pass on to a friend who is still undecided on Scottish independence.

The National:

The National has regularly published the report in full and last year brought in fresh perspectives around the renewables industry and cost of living crisis.

This year we will build further on that – with industry figures, leading politicians and other experts all contributing.

Authored by Professor Gavin McCrone (below), then chief adviser at the Scottish Office, the report made very clear the astonishing wealth beneath Scotland’s North Sea – which the Labour government of the time hushed up.

The National:

As we now face a climate crisis, spiralling energy costs and the missed opportunity of a wealth fund, it’s clear the suppression of the McCrone report has had a huge impact on Scotland and its future.

The National’s editor Laura Webster (below) said: “For the 50th anniversary of the McCrone Report, we’re delivering our most packed special edition on it yet.

The National: Editor Laura Webster

“The report itself speaks volumes – but we’re especially proud of the analysis and comment that we’ll have coming alongside it.

“We hope that our readers will get behind our campaign to spread the truth about this sorry episode of Westminster duplicity, and we’re really pleased to be able to offer bulk options so Yes groups and activists can have this excellent material to pass out.”

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