I've been speaking to a few groups and individuals about their five wishes for the Yes campaign in 2024. Realistic wishes, not just the ultimate goal.

You can find Common Weal's Rory Hamilton sharing his here and Minister of Independence sharing his here.

Below is the list from the newly-launched group Believe in Scotland (BiS) Youth!

If you would want to share your wish for a future article, please email grassroots@thenational.scot with your name and where you are from to be included!

1. To see an increase in Yes campaigning - not in campaigning for parties

Luke Buchan, who is from Aberdeen and one of the founders of BiS Youth, said: "There will likely be a General Election so there will be a lot of that, but non-party political activities such as those planned by Believe in Scotland will make the difference.

"Elections push people into party mode but the independence movement needs to make sure we separate our vision for Scotland from all political parties so the message flows through party lines."

2. Increased numbers of young people involved in the campaign

The new group hopes to help facilitate an injection of young people into Yes in any way they can.

Buchan said: "But they need to be able to see what’s in it for them and to have a say in the campaign and undersigning Scotland's better future."

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3. A clear vision for independent Scotland with a wellbeing economy

The group hopes strategy for a wellbeing economy is provided with "clear vision" and "addresses unfairness, inequality and climate damage".

They warn that without these issues being addressed "young people will support independence but not drive it".

4. For the campaign to move into modern times

Buchan argued that effective campaigning and new ideas both online and in person can help bring young people.

5. Just do more

Buchan said: "Everyone has to do more. Posting on social media isn’t enough.

"Independence supporters need to get involved with local groups and, if you are young enough, join Believe in Scotland Youth.

"Lets talk to people and share our hopes and aspirations for Scotland and stop talking divisive politics."

Elsewhere, Broadcasting Scotland is hoping to raise £10,000 in two weeks to ensure it "survives" a decade on the media scene.

The broadcaster has issued a statement calling for supporters to donate to ensure it can continue to show "Scotland through a Scottish Lens" and continue with its regular programmes.

The broadcaster said last year's fundraising target of £30,000 finished £7000 short and that it is now seeking to raise £10,000 in the next 14 days to "survive".

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You can donate to Broadcasting Scotland here.

In a tweet, the broadcaster wrote: "Broadcasting Scotland will be 10 years old this year, if we can survive beyond the next two weeks.

"Over those 10 years, we have invested in the infrastructure to produce live news from Scotland and around the world. Please support us to survive and grow."

Tickets for To See Ourselves – the brainchild of award-winning director Jane McAllister – have gone on sale for their 2024 tour.

Several showings are set for Dunfermline, Bo'ness, Stirling, Cumbernauld, and more.

McAllister captured the footage of the referendum campaign during the summer of 2014, despite having no budget for the film.

The film will be shown at:

  • January 25: Tranent, Fraser Centre at 7pm
  • January 27: Bo'ness, Hippodrome at 2.30pm
  • February 1: Strathaven, Strathaven Town Mill at 6.30pm
  • February 3: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries at 1:00pm
  • February 4: Stirling, Smith Art Gallery and Museum at 2:00pm
  • February 6: Forgandenny, Forgandenny Village Hall at 6.30pm
  • February 7: Anstruther, Dreel Halls at 6:30pm
  • February 8: Montrose, Montrose Playhouse at 7:00pm
  • February 10: Banchory, The Barn Arts at 2:00pm
  • March 22: Crieff, Strathearn Arts at 6.30pm
  • March 28: Cumbernauld, Lantern House at 2:30pm

Tickets are available here (and it is an absolute must-see).