SOMETHING our readers always ask for more of is stories about Scotland and Europe.

With much of Scotland's media seeming keen to just accept Brexit and move on as if it never happened at all, despite 62% of Scots voting to Remain, we've often been left carrying the torch for those keen for a European feature for the country.

Just last week we ran a special feature with the great campaigners at Europe for Scotland, who have launched a new petition hoping to keep Scotland in the conversation over in the EU.

And while there are all kinds of debates to be had about the benefits of the single market, EFTA, currencies and borders - debates we won't shy away from - we want to do something that actively involves the Europeans we've left behind (for now).

The National:

So we're introducing a podcast, presented by columnist Assa Samake-Roman, focused on talking to Our Friends in Europe about the next steps for Scotland and hearing the views from our neighbouring nations.

As a European citizen living in Scotland, who fell in love with the country while studying here on the Erasmus scheme, Assa is the perfect person to lead this new show.

What are the big issues Scotland needs to be paying attention to? How do we maintain our connections? What's the history behind those connections?

Assa will be diving into all of that as she speaks to different Europeans every month, from politicians to artists to academics and more. 

Watch the trailer below.

This month, the first episode will see her sit down with German Green MEP Terry Reintke.

Join us every month with episodes here on the website and Spotify as we chat with Our Friends in Europe.