THERE was a time when the Labour Party stood not only for the interests of working people in its own country but also in solidarity with working people internationally. Lisa Nandy’s frankly bizarre interpretation of international law in respect of Israel’s treatment of Gaza demonstrates that this is no longer the case.

How she is able to interpret the destruction of thousands upon thousands of homes, killing men, women, children and babies in the process, let alone interfering with water and power supplies or bombing hospitals, refugee camps and fleeing civilians, as “self defence” is surely beyond the reasoning of anyone with a shred of humane compassion about them.


As the Labour Party has become increasingly right-wing it has aligned itself with national and international power elites. If it will not show solidarity with the working class of Gaza why should Scottish working people have any solidarity for the corrupted Labour Party.

Who will join me in saying “I am Scottish, not British and I stand with Palestine”?

Ni Holmes
St Andrews