I WOULD like to firstly state that the Westminster Parliament is a wholly English institution:

1) It is “the English Parliament continuing” – with all the powers of Henry VIII of England to change anything at a whim retained, or, in other words, “an elective dictatorship”;

2) It is governed by English Law, which according to the Treaty of Union should never apply in Scotland (and v.v. with Scots Law in England);

3) It was used by Oliver Cromwell as a means of legitimising the invading, ruling and turning into a colony of Westminster both Scotland and the people of Scotland;

4) It is absolutely dominated in the House of Commons by MPs for English constituencies elected in a wholly corrupt and undemocratic system

(22 million votes were “wasted” in the last General Election – they did not count at all;

5) The House of Lords – a legislative body with powers of reducing/altering laws like Scotland’s powers of green energy – is the rottenest of “rotten boroughs” full of place-people/cronies of those in power, electoral rejects, etc. More than 800 idle-rich, unelected, unaccountable and grossly cosseted, subsidised in every way, and required to do no more work than sign into their luxury House while a quarter of children in the UK are badly housed, hungry, cold and damaged for life by their terrible circumstances.

Secondly, this “Parliament” along with the monarch, which has sovereignty over England, has none over the people of Scotland. See the Claim of Right, accepted and renewed in 2018 by Westminster, yet it rules as a parasite, greedily draining all the resources (especially the people of Scotland) for its own benefit. This pattern of behaviour, favouring the rulers over the ruled, matches that pursued in India and Ireland.

This corrupt – and corrupting – institution controls:

1) How the taxation of the people in Scotland is spent – largely on Westminster items and choices such as illegal nuclear weapons, HS2, Hinkley Point, London Crossrail, the London weighting, defective PPE, bonuses for pals, etc. The Scottish Parliament still has “fewer financial powers than the average parish council in England” despite having voted for tax-raising powers. This is needed for the people whose money it is. We are forced to pay rent for living in our own place;

2) Who comes in and who can be thrown out of Scotland;

3) Our citizenship of Europe, despite voting to remain;

4) The use of our own resources – for example, the only oil revenue Scotland received was Mrs Thatcher’s use of our 8% to close down our major industries and pay the redundancy costs;

5) The size of Scotland’s population: 25% at the time of the Treaty has been reduced to 8% – by ethnic cleansing, cannon fodder, forced exile, sending abroad of good managers (Scotland’s potential leaders?) to rule parts of the disgraceful domination that was the British Empire;

6) And finally, Westminster stole 6000 square miles of Scottish waters with three oil rigs and all the fishing – transferring it secretly the night before the Scottish Parliament opened. Only a colony can be treated in such a way.

The Treaty of Union – an international treaty – has been utterly broken and therefore is null and void and must be withdrawn from immediately.
Susan FG Forde

I FEEL I must enter the fray regarding putting “Vote SNP” to withdraw from the Treaty of Union on the ballot paper. This is a turning point as far as I am concerned and is all good and has no downsides. As far as I can see, it completely alienates Westminster, is totally legal and would realise above the mystical figure of 60% that has some people transfixed. It also backs the SNP into a corner where they must put Vote SNP for independence on the ballot paper, as a refusal to do this simple thing – that surely every indy voter of all hues would go for – would tell us that the party are not interested or have no guts for the ensuing fallout.

So let’s get it out there and get some petition or something similar up and running. This must help the cause – and is exciting, to say the least. At the moment, we have nothing to look forward to every day except bad news and blatant Unionist rhetoric devoid of any truth or substance. Wee Dougie would be crying foul and waving his red card. Sir Keir’s pal would just keep telling us we don’t really want independence and Alex Cole-Hamilton would have to take time out from looking at himself in the mirror to spout some drivel. I love it.
Old John