THE last couple of weeks have brought about a shift in the way countries and populations have viewed the actions of the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza. The United Kingdom Government has fallen into line with its “special relationship” ally, the United States, which has consistently supported Israel. Across the world we have seen massive demonstrations that have been calling for a ceasefire and immediate negotiation, in contrast with the UK’s pitiful request for humanitarian pauses in the carnage supported by both the Conservative and Labour parties.

One of the few brighter moments in the street demonstrations has been the huge numbers of traditional Jewish communities and organisations that are against the actions of the Israeli government, exposing the lie that criticising the Israeli government is antisemitic – drawing a line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

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There have been further exposures in the calamity that the invasion of Gaza has brought about. The desperation of Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State, in his journeys across the Middle East has shown the beginnings of the decline in US influence in the world.

US President Biden is now stating that the Israeli government cannot occupy Gaza in the future and that a two-state solution has to be considered. Could this have anything to do with the fact that huge gas reserves are now known to be present just beyond the Gaza coastline?

The majority of countries in the world and in the United Nations have been horrified by the intensity of the Israeli Defence Force bombing of civilians, hospitals and refugee camps with the support of the Israeli government, brushing aside allegations of war crimes and breaching of international treaties.

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The only long-term solution will be the setting up of serious peace negotiations by the international community for a two-state solution, the outlawing and removal of the illegal settlements and a commitment to international law.

The US economy is being weakened by its domination by the military-industrial complex warned about by General Eisenhower in the period after World War Two.

President Biden could regain some international respect by promoting the road to peace as the US did with the Good Friday Agreement.

Maggie Chetty

ISRAEL’S slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza could not continue without the blessing of Joe Biden, who wants to be re-elected in 2024 and needs the support of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the establishment. It’s that simple. The US could deny Israel military support but won’t, because the democratic donor class unreservedly supports Israel, going so far as to condemn US college campuses for allowing protests against Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza.

These same pressures also explain the UK’s spineless reaction to the slaughter. It’s no surprise that Sunak opposes a ceasefire but so does Starmer, a human rights lawyer. They are following the US in calling for a humanitarian pause, allowing Palestinians time to bury their dead and give the living a drink of water before allowing the killing to resume.

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The US Democratic and UK Labour bases disagree with their leaders. They know that Israel’s bombing of Gaza – on which it has dropped the equivalent of two nuclear bombs – is a war crime. They know that an occupier never has the right of self-defence against the occupied. They know that Israel is not driven by security for its people but by a desire to dominate, which is why since 2006 it has employed the Dahiya doctrine of disproportionate force to crush any Palestinian resistance.

The US political class has been corrupted and co-opted by corporate interests resulting in an America in crisis. The same scenario is playing out in the UK, where Starmer is afraid of going against the establishment lest what happened to Corbyn happens to him.

If Scotland is ever to know democracy, it must leave the Union.

Leah Gunn Barrett

THE hypocrisy of the UK Government and others taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies disgusts me. The First World War was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”. So Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak refusing to tell Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli army to STOP THE WAR is total hypocrisy.

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On The World at One on Radio 4 on Monday, a spokesman for the Israeli army said that they would continue their killing until Hamas released 200 child hostages. What about the child hostages held by the Israelis in their jails? Who told the Israeli government they have the right to commit war crimes? Who believes the Israeli army when they say they are a “moral army”?

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I am Buddhist, and I know that the consequences of every thought, word and action are what Buddhism calls KARMA. Karma cannot be avoided, and the Israelis have karma which has to be paid.

Margaret Forbes
via email