THE announcement by the Prime Minister that the UK Government is going to abandon green policies is deeply worrying. So is the unconscionable reluctance of Fergus Ewing to accept that the Scottish Greens have anything but a good influence on the SNP’s policies.

What planet is he living on, and why does he want to trash it? How long does he think the human race will survive if we listen to him?

Ewing cannot have any interest in the future of our youngsters. He describes those of us who want to preserve what’s left of our planet as “extremists”. The reality is that what he utters is worrying in the extreme.

He claims to support independence. That’s a very commendable position.

But it does assume there will be anyone left to enjoy it, and it also assumes that the UK will not in the future be overwhelmed by the refugees vainly trying to escape this climate catastrophe.

Tony Kime