IT’S exactly nine years since we narrowly lost our independence referendum thanks to a series of bare-faced lies from the Unionists, who proudly called those lies “Project Fear”.

Among their many lies, they stated that only by staying in the UK could Scotland stay in the EU, that pensions would not be paid in an independent Scotland, that England would not trade with us and even that we would not be able to access blood or organ transplants from outwith Scotland (Gordon Brown’s contribution).

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Unfortunately the last nine years has been a time of drift and delay for the independence campaign, with many Scots becoming disillusioned with the lack of progress by the SNP, who seem more interested in minority issues than in the grand principle for which they were formed, resulting in 30,000 members leaving the party in the last three years.

Their latest ploy is to request Westminster for a referendum if they obtain a majority of seats, but without any plan for the inevitable contemptuous rejection. What a waste of time!

James Duncan