The National:

DON’T worry everyone – Labour leader Keir Starmer has got his priorities well and truly in order.

As he continues to face scrutiny over his endless U-turns, Starmer has perhaps come out with one of his most controversial statements yet.

Appearing on the Table Manners podcast, hosted by Jessie and Lennie Ware, the Labour leader claimed the food in the House of Commons is “nothing special”.

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, ongoing strike action and years of Tory austerity however, Starmer has just the solution to fix things up in Westminster as he claimed: “Somebody needs to set up a really nice sort of restaurant or takeaway in the House of Commons. Seriously.

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“A really nice salad bar. A fresh salad bar.”

Who knows what fresh debate this could lead to? Will Starmer’s political opponents call him out on this major issue? Will he face the wrath of the Commons’ kitchens?

Perhaps some fresh cucumber and tomatoes is just what Westminster needs to kick things into gear but The Jouker isn’t holding out a lot of hope.

Or maybe rather than focusing on the food in the Commons, the Labour leader could turn his attention to his own party's U-turn on ruling out free school meals for children in England

Just a thought. 

Elsewhere on the podcast, Starmer said he finds it more or less impossible to take a proper lunchbreak and that his life is filled with “tuna sandwiches”.

“I can’t remember the last time I stopped and had lunch”, he told the podcast.

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It's funny, The Jouker can think of a few other things that the House of Commons might need just a little bit more than a sald bar or allocated lunch breaks - a functioning government springs to mind as one potential, revolutionary idea. 

Then again, that doesn't seem to have been high on the agenda for a while now.