The National:

PRICES are rising across the country - and that includes a certain Scottish LibDem leader’s back garden Airbnb.

For the second year in a row, Alex Cole-Hamilton has hiked up the price of the “cosy shed” in his garden in Edinburgh to an eye-watering amount for a two-night stay.

We told last year how Cole-Hamilton hiked the price for the stay in his garden by 150% to £120 a night, not including the £20 service fee.

In 2021, the Scottish LibDem leader charged £49 a night to stay in the shed, with the cleaning fee taking the total to £57.

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And this year, ahead of the Edinburgh Fringe and an influx of tourists coming to the capital in August, Cole-Hamilton’s retreat will cost holidaymakers a whopping £175 a night, with an additional service fee of £59.

For two nights in the shed in August, The Jouker was quoted £409, an increase of 45% since last year.

The LibDem leader must be feeling the pinch from his £67,662 MSP salary.

The National:

Or, maybe he’s making sure he has a fallback plan after thousands signed a petition calling on him to resign over comments unearthed by The National.

Cole-Hamilton revealed in his MSP register of interests that the holiday let provides him with around £10,000 a year in revenue. The MSP's last statement on the register was made in June 2021.

But not to worry, guests forking out a fortune can expect an “utterly private, beautifully built, warming and welcoming cabin”.

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And if you want to squeeze more than two guests into the backyard shed, Cole-Hamilton insists that there is a “good amount of floor space” to accommodate an air bed or cot.

From a quick look at the calendar, it seems that Cole-Hamilton isn’t completely booked out for the next few months.

Well, at those prices, it's hardly a surprise.