The National:

INTEREST rates have risen for a 13th time in a row, food prices are rocketing, young people are watching their dreams of owning a home fizzle away, Scotland and Wales are seeing their powers trampled on and the gap between rich and poor looks to be growing ever wider.

But Rishi Sunak would rather pretend everything is fine and dandy. He told the i Paper that when he travels around the world he despairs at British self-depreciation.

He told one ally: “We love to talk about how s**t we are – we are not s**t!”


If you speak to striking workers, or families who can’t put food on the table for their kids or themselves right now, I’m positive they would not agree with that sentiment.

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Sunak is determined to hang on to the slightest positive thing he can find though, saying: “We were predicted to fall into a recession, that has not happened. These things do not happen by accident.”

Aaand he made up excuses like having the “worst possible in-tray”, but we all know that the UK Government cannot see past the end of their noses. As long as they’re okay, how can anyone possibly think things are s**t?!

I’m sure from his view at Lord’s cricket ground at the weekend as he soaked up thrilling Ashes cricket, it might have seemed as if life was pretty good, but this is how out-of-touch the Tories are…