GREAT article by Richard Murphy in the Sunday National, where again he did not mince his words, and congratulations to the editor for freely using the infamous “f” word in appropriate contexts (Three F words sum up political situation we face in the UK, May 28).

So, please, everyone in Rutherglen make note: why would anybody there be drawn to vote for a Unionist party that admits to imitating the Tories? The Tories, whose policies are now almost indistinguishable from fascism. Beats me, and that’s a question that needs posing on every doorstep in Margaret Ferrier’s constituency.

On the prospect of a Labour Party victory at the next General Election, that should fill everyone in Scotland with dread. Why? Because soft red Labour are only in politics for power. Power they can only ever attain and hold by pandering to the voting masses in England.

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Labour governments have, after past election victories, shat on the Scottish steel industry and the Scottish shipbuilding industry by channelling investments away from Scotland and into the north east of England. In that regard, they just cannae help themselves. It’s in their DNA to be currying favour with English voters. Well, there are so many more of them.

Now Labour want to muck around with our oil and gas. Mark my words, when they talk about “just transitioning” they truly mean transitioning the wealth from Scotland’s oil and gas and renewable energy into England. They will doubtless make a bourach of Scotland’s renewable potential and will probably run down Aberdeen in favour of “Red Wall” investments on Teesside (folks there are already benefitting from Tory competition for their votes).

In Monday’s National George Kerevan paints a dire picture for Scotland’s economy within the Union (There is only one answer to the budget crisis that Scotland is facing, May 29). Going forward, we are facing a squeeze on public expenditure like never before, with income being way short of planned spends unless a lot more growth can be driven.

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Sadly, we are at the limit of what Scotland can do itself to generate investment – unless we can get ourselves clearly on the road to independence. Then foreign, especially European, investors will be seeing a much rosier future for Scotland and growth is then likely to take off dramatically ahead of independence.

An SNP members-only convention? Please, please, can the SNP stop its Nero-esque behaviour and start serious campaigning now, with the aim of getting the opinion polls up to and over 60% in favour of independence ASAP.

Stuff the General Election! When we see the opinion polls resolutely around 60%, All Under One Banner may have to issue tickets to control the masses. The General Election is unlikely to happen for at least another year. By that time, the SNP risks being irrelevant.

With Brexit on our side, with Unionism tending to fascism, with our economy so weak (contrast Ireland), what is stopping the SNP actually making a serious effort to help get those polls reaching new heights within the next few months? Please SNP, no more navel-gazing!

Alan Adair

THE nonsense spouted by SNP policy convener just shows how out of touch the party leadership is with its members and the wider independence movement.

We’ve waited far too long for the supposed independence conference, yet as a member and branch secretary I’m still awaiting details of this event – and to deliberately clash with the AUOB march is a deliberate snub to the indy movement.

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The SNP will see people staying at home rather than voting at the next Westminster election as there is little belief amongst the members I speak to that the party is serious about independence – it seems either an afterthought or a job-creation scheme for MPs who have done little to pursue the cause.

This nonsense of needing to reach 60% and wait for a UK Government to cave in is terrible, it’s seen as just a way to keep the gravy train rolling. Meanwhile people are struggling under the UK’s economic mismanagement. We need real action on independence and that means finding some other way than pleading with the Tories (and Labour) for our freedom.

If the SNP leadership can’t find a decent independence policy that is believable and achievable in the short term then I’m afraid many independence voters will simply stay at home and even let the SNP Scottish Government fall. It’s not just about the jobs of politicians, it’s about the lives of ordinary people struggling day by day and an SNP that offers no clear route to independence. Holding out the carrot of independence is not good enough.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

I DON’T vote SNP because of free tuition fees. I don’t vote SNP because of free prescriptions. I don’t vote SNP for no bridge tolls, as well as all the rest of the benefits of living in the great nation of ours. I am aware the SNP are capable of good governance, they have proven it time and time again. The reason why I vote SNP is only because I WANT INDEPENDENCE. Nothing more and nothing less!! How many mandates is it we have given the SNP now? They must learn they are elected to serve us and this is what we want!

Duncan Strang