GIVEN recent opinion polls, the Scottish electorate should understand that the primary use of polls is to shape rather than reflect voting intentions.

The Labour Party in England will not deliver anything that Scotland needs or wants.

Never forget that the Blair and Brown governments did not repeal one single piece of Thatcher’s anti-union legislation nor address anything else of her attacks on working people. Starmer is from the same mould and appears to weekly commit to leaving one after another Tory-imposed law in place.

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We should also remember that Downing Street has a revolving door and even if the English electorate chooses a Labour government that might be more appealing than the alternative, sooner or later they will give us another Tory government.

Let’s not be influenced by these opinion polls. Let’s make our own choices for a better, more equitable future in an independent Scotland that is built on a foundation of social justice.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews