SO the latest revelation regarding a Tory PM visiting Scotland (Fury as No 10 tries to hide Sunak, Apr 30) highlights the cynical attempts by Tory officials to protect their leader from close scrutiny by the Scots media. This type of orchestration is nothing new from such a shameless political party when it comes to Tory PMs coming up to Scotland for a visit – they’ve been hiding their unpopular and unwelcome PMs from the Scottish public for a very long time!

David Cameron, Theresa May, and the hated chancer, Boris Johnson – all protected in a safe haven and never mixing with the Scottish public for fear of a major incident or confrontation that will undermine their desired projected image of positivity! So why not apply the same cynical measures to media/press people who they don’t trust because there is so much ammunition that can be fired at their flimsy political bows!?

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The usual Tory ploy has been to stage-manage a positive Scottish visit and shamelessly portray this welcoming image with lots of brought-in supportive “players” adding to their bogus presentation of bliss and acceptance from within Scotland. They are the political party of corruption, sleaze and chancing it in the extreme. As many readers have previously asked, “Who on earth actually votes for these chancers in Scotland”?

One can only assume a big chunk of their minority vote up here comprises what Donald Trump famously described as the “stoopid vote” preceding his presidential election in 2016. They clearly exist in Scotland as well when it comes to voting for a nasty, selfish populist party like the Tories and their sycophantic branch office members.

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And no surprise that shameless Scot Tories like their chairman Craig Hoy and his leader, wee D Ross, are desperately trying to hypocritically dismiss formal requests to reveal their small membership numbers. This action just goes hand in hand with the cynical way they go about their business, with nothing to offer Scotland whatsoever and indeed having no interest in the best way forward for Bella Caledonia, especially when they keep putting down the whole premise of Scottish self-determination and the reasons why independence is far more attractive than they visualise it to be.

Thankfully, the majority of savvy voters in Scotland have them well sussed out politically and they will be almost wiped off the Scottish political map come the next General Election, as previously witnessed when the Scottish public had enough of their cynical, undemocratic nonsense.

Bernie Japs

THE fact that Douglas Ross states that he always talks to the press is not news. If Dougie ever shut his face, that would be remarkable enough to warrant reporting. Alternatively, saying something that was actually true or helpful would be even more newsworthy.

Les Hunter

I’m afraid that I felt a real sense of anger and disappointment at the very posed photograph of Ian Blackford and his successor Stephen Flynn all smiles on the House of Commons terrace in a pathetic attempt to hide the recent disagreements between them as to who said what to who and when in relation to the lack of auditors for their group’s accounts.

Apparently the pair enjoyed a pint of Guinness and an Aperol Spritz from one of Westminster’s several taxpayer-funded bars. I often feel our MPs see Westminster a comfy home away from home.

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I rather suspect the SNP group’s many staff, who face potential unemployment in just over 30 days’ time, will not be too pleased at the actions (or what appears to be inaction) of these two. The staff presumably have mortgages or rents to pay and families to feed.

Instead of drinking alcohol on the terrace of the House of Commons, perhaps they should be spending their every waking hour trying to find someone willing and able to audit and sign off the SNP group’s accounts before May 31.

Dr Iain Evans

FIRST Minister’s Questions last week heard Labour leader Anas Sarwar question public spending by the SNP government at Holyrood. Mr Sarwar was questioning the Scottish Government’s spending on new prisons in Scotland, which is now seeing increased costs associated with the building works due to inflation – inflation which is a result of the economic crash imposed on the country by the Conservatives at Westminster.

For the Labour leader in Scotland to question infrastructure spending in Scotland by the SNP government is a bit rich, considering it was the Labour Party who introduced private finance initiative (PFI)/public private partnership (PPP) projects in Scotland, which the First Minister was quick to highlight.

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In Scotland there are in excess of 70 PFI/PPP projects still running, with many carrying conditions within the contract tying them to current inflation rates, subsequently costing taxpayers and the public purse hundreds of millions in extra payments.

The Labour leader Anas Sarwar may want come to the chamber at the next FMQs and apologise for the millions his party has cost, and is still costing, the taxpayer in Scotland through their previous policies of exploiting the public purse through PFI/PPP projects.

Thankfully, the SNP in coming to power in 2007 abandoned any future such projects.

Catriona C Clark

MILLIONS of people watching the coronation of our new head of state are expected to pledge their allegiance out loud during the ceremony. Is this not what happens in North Korea?

Watson Crawford