WHAT an enlightening front-page headline in Monday’s National regarding the Proclaimers being “kicked off” the coronation playlist. How petty our royal sycophants/organisers have become when they can’t accept that lots of people all over these islands do not share the same common view that King Charles and

the hugely wealthy House of Windsor institution are accepted and tolerated in our society in the way that they wish it to be, ad infinitum.

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I’m sure Charlie and Craig Reid won’t lose any sleep on receiving the news that they’ve been targeted because of their anti-monarchy views as well as remaining staunch in backing Scotland’s right to self-determination. No royal gongs either, boys, unlike a good number of Tory non-entities/Unionist sycophants such as Ruth Davidson and Annabel Goldie – did their wee bit to try and stymie the Scottish Government and Scottish interests and pick up their 30 pieces of silver!

A fitting riposte from the Reid brothers would be their attendance at either of the anti-monarchy rallies in Edinburgh or Glasgow on May 6. Imagine it – the bonus of a Proclaimers concert slotted in to the event and guaranteeing thousands more protesters joining in the party and having a great time. I’m sure the royal lickspittle elements of the British media, including the BBC, would be desperately trying to suppress all news info on said event if the boys did indeed show up to “give to fingers” to the British establishment and their royal protagonists after this latest piece of nonsense.

Bernie Japs