AS soon as Charles Windsor, applicant for the Scottish crown, had to swear to uphold the Claim of Right, the cat was out of the bag.

If he hadn’t sworn this oath he would not have been able to become King of Scots.

This single action revealed the truth about Scotland’s status. The people are still sovereign here – it is legally binding. This is not theoretical – it is something practical that we can act upon. Scotland is not the same as England and should not therefore be subjected to England’s constitutional system.

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Under Scotland’s constitution we, the people, own the assets and territory of Scotland – so we should never be hungry or cold as we have plenty of food and energy resources. Do read the truth about Scotland’s constitution on the website – it may surprise you, and will cheer you.

The first practical step we can all take to regain our powers as sovereign people is sign the Edinburgh Proclamation on (, like, is non-party political). Then spread the word.

We need at least 100,000 signatures on the Proclamation in order to approach the United Nations as a people’s liberation movement with the question – is Scotland in a voluntary union or are we a colony? If it is a voluntary union, we can leave. If a colony, the UN has a de-colonisation procedure. Whatever the answer, we win!

S Mackenzie
Lochbroom, W Ross

THANK you for publishing John Drummond’s great article on Tory fraud (For ESICers, toilets matter more than £58bn fraud, Apr 16).

Many of us who follow The National are aware of the scale of this fraud, as well as the damage that Brexit and the City of London have done to the Scottish economy. However, most Scots are not aware – and cannot easily find the truth.

I implore John Drummond to work with some other group such as Believe in Scotland to set up a website (possibly booklets and other resources) dedicated to the damage to Scotland being done by the Union. If we are ever to get independence, we need such truths to be readily available.

Please keep up the good work.

John Henderson

AFTER he was made to look a fool by EU negotiators, which ended in a disastrous exit from the UK’s EU membership; shattered the Northern Island Peace Agreement; impoverished the UK by many billions and caused chaos for exporters and holidaymakers at Dover, what right has unelected Lord Frost, close friend of the country’s serial liar, to interfere in Scotland’s association with other countries around the world?

It seems that Westminster, both Commons and Lords, is full of people who believe they are “entitled”.

Mike Underwood

IRONIC. Scots have voted repeatedly to try and extricate ourselves from the UK, and here is a UK parasitic lord trying to throw Scotland out of the UK embassies (Tory peer calls for denial of diplomatic status for Scotland, Apr 16). Frost is a disgrace to humanity, and does not realise Scots would happily sever all UK ties, just keeping the normal links as a normal independent country.

This is moving towards dangerous territory. It is incumbent on us all to become personal ambassadors for Scotland. The world will judge us as individual people and recognise Scotland as a nation if we continually make the point that we are Scots and that we are an oppressed people – oppressed by the UK.

I am in Italy just now, and will visit Norway and several other nations this year. We can do a lot by interacting normally and positively as we travel, letting the world know Scotland is a victim of insidious and systematic oppression.

Tim Warner

ON Friday The National provided sad details on the oil slicks growing in Scottish waters, emphasising that it is a “chronic” problem (New data reveals oil pollution in Scottish waters, Apr 14). Shamefully, without stronger penalties (NOT fines) the situation will only deteriorate further.

Spillages/fines simply add to the coffers of the oil companies/Westminster. It’s a win-win situation for both of them: the oil companies are allowed to continue with uninterrupted extraction of oil (this being much more lucrative than the outgoings lost through mediocre fines). Westminster simply sits back and pockets these oil company fines.

I’m not aware of any funds coming back to Scotland to help clean up the mess. Those in Scotland are the big losers here. Whilst they gain very little financially through oil extraction, the beautiful Scottish environment and it’s wildlife – not just around Shetland – suffer heavily with the continuing spillages. Not to mention, of course, “carbon” issues!

Only independence could provide a sensible solution.

George Dougal