HUMZA Yousaf has written an open letter to undecided SNP members asking for their support in the ongoing party leadership contest. Read it in full here:

Dear friends,

There is no doubt, the past few days have been bruising for us all as SNP members.

As an activist, and someone who considers themselves a son of this party, let me tell you – I feel it too.

We’ve had leading figures in our party announcing they will be stepping back, none more so than Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney, two giants of the independence movement who we owe so much of our success in recent elections to.

The SNP is in a period of change and transition, and while change can at times feel unsettling, it presents us with a great opportunity.

The National:

An opportunity to re-energise our Government, party and movement, and build a team who will unite and deliver independence for Scotland.

Members have less than a week to select a leader who they believe is best placed to take our party forward, build on the success achieved by Nicola, and secure our independence. I am that leader.

While leaders change, what we stand for as a progressive, social democratic party, committed to fairness, respect and equality does not.

Now is the time to drive forward, with total commitment and conviction, our vision of the Scotland I know we can build with independence.

As your SNP leader, I will never give up, or water down, that commitment to a fair, equal and inclusive Scotland.

Our party’s progressive principles are the bedrock of the Government I will lead and the kind of Scotland I know will inspire people across our nation to vote for independence.

As your SNP leader, and Scotland’s next first minister, I will lead a Government that helps families in Scotland deal with the Tory cost of living crisis, reaffirming the great trust our party has built with voters for over a decade.

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I’m the only candidate who is ready to stand up to Westminster power grabs and solidify our pro-independence majority Government at Holyrood, reaching out to unite our independence movement on day one.

As your SNP leader, I will kickstart our activist-led Yes movement from the ground up so we can share our progressive vision of a fairer, more equal and more prosperous Scotland.

And I’ll do that alongside you, on the doorsteps, as your first minister and your first activist.

Place your trust in me, Humza Yousaf, as your SNP leader and a first minister for independence, and I’ll build a team that unites our party, reforms our HQ team and delivers for the people of Scotland in Government.

I’m the only candidate who can lead from the front and offer the SNP the stability, unity and strength in leadership that is so important at this time.

As well as growing our support, we must have a leader who will not lose our party support. We know the vast, overwhelming majority of our members believe in a progressive, socially just Scotland, that is the Scotland I want to lead.

Make me your first choice for First Minister, and let’s get on with the job of delivering for Scotland and securing our independence.

Yours for Scotland,