WD Mill Irving’s letter last Sunday calling for the SNP to re-brand as The Scottish Party is very timely. Nicola Sturgeon had been minded to change the name but was fully occupied dealing with Covid; but right now, as we introduce a new leader and FM, is the perfect time to do this.

Becoming The Scottish Party would remind voters that the London parties are not Scottish! Also “National” is always getting misread by mischief making opponents as “Nationalist” for the negative connotations.

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Furthermore it’s not just the name we should change; we should ditch the 1950s-style yellow-and-black bunny ears/oil droplet (whatever the hell that is?) logo. The savvy folk at Alba have already done the obvious thing adopting the Saltire and its blue and white. We should follow suit because the most potent symbol for The Scottish Party is the Scottish flag.

Alba cannot and do not have a monopoly on the Saltire, but hats off to them for leading the way!

Roddy Anderson