GRAEME McCormick’s letter in the Sunday National expresses the concerns of many members. The parliamentary groups within the party seemed to have split off from the policies that the members want. Similarly the almost gaslighting level of support for Humza isn’t reflected in the membership – most of whom want someone to listen to and represent the members.

Graeme’s land tax proposals are worth investigating further but our current SNP parliamentarians/leadership are in thrall to the same old BritNat voices and have done little on land reform. It’s insulting to talk of poverty and ignore the one policy which could do much more than anything else to tackle it.

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The general membership feel that they are simply spectators in a leadership election with key issues like independence an afterthought for two of the three candidates. Only Ash Regan is looking at reinvigorating the party and focussing on independence. And as for Humza’s late conversion with his proposal for a Minister for Independence, then what exactly has the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution been doing for the past few years? Rebranding a failed post goes no way to convince me that independence is a priority for him.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren