NOW that some of the dust is settling from STV's televised debate, I would like to raise a few points.

Firstly, if Mr Yousaf thinks that Ms Forbes’s questioning was too tough, are they not the very same questions that he will face if he becomes First Minister? His record as a minister is exactly the line of attack that the Unionists WILL use as a stick to beat him (and the rest of the party, for that matter) with.

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Secondly, given the highly personal and vindictive attacks made on Ms Forbes at the start of this campaign, frankly raising issues about Mr Yousaf’s abilities as a minister are nothing compared to that (and far more legitimate).

If he is now crying foul about this, I would suggest that Mr Yousaf isn’t tough enough for the job. Scotland needs independence and someone at the helm strong enough to fight back against the Unionists.

Andrew Haddow