WE in Scotland are fortunate to have been left a rich cultural heritage by our ancestors. Scottish people in the 18th century in the “Scottish Enlightenment” refocused people’s minds on democracy, human rights, rational debate, and sovereignty of the people.

The American people were greatly assisted by Scots in their declaration of independence and in their constitution.

At a time when our Scottish concept of sovereignty is under attack by the English Supreme Court with its archaic feudal concept of sovereignty, it is important that we defend and protect that valued inheritance.

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We have seen how in recent years democracy and rational debate have been pushed aside by distorted facts and irrational opinions supported by powerful media in the US for Trump and in the UK for Johnson. Truth, honour, rationality and democracy are being treated with contempt by powerful forces before our very eyes.

If we are to protect our valuable cultural heritage, we must not allow this corruption to get hold in Scottish politics. However, the price of democracy, as has been said, is constant vigilance.

It is therefore with great sadness that I have observed this corruption creeping into Scottish politics. We now know that Emma Harper MSP was involved in blatant breaches of the SNP rules in the current SNP leadership election, because she has admitted it. Some seem to be implying that this is just a perfectly innocent mistake of minor importance. I can’t accept that for one second.

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Ballot rules are made for a purpose, and if we respect democracy, we must respect these rules. If we ignore these rules deliberately, or just neglect to apply them, then we are undermining the process of democracy, and that is unacceptable.

Emma Harper MSP is an elected representative of the Scottish people and the SNP. Her political power comes from democracy, therefore she is obliged to respect democracy and the rules of any election. She can’t just ignore these rules, say sorry, and move on.

But, there are other questions around this. Emma Harper must have had assistance from SNP headquarters in order to obtain the data required to send these emails, so who assisted her? If she was doing this with the assistance of someone from SNP HQ then this was a conspiracy. Did Humza Yousaf know about this? He is reported to have had a meeting with Emma the day before the email went out. Did she not tell him about it? Was he involved in the conspiracy? This matter is too important to be ignored or brushed aside. Humza needs to address this matter seriously if he wants our respect.

Andy Anderson

I SINCERELY hope that Emma Harper is not a typical example of people voicing their choice of candidate before listening to the views of all potential leaders.

MD Clark

I’M no longer a member of the SNP, but I would have preferred that ALL MPs and MSPs had kept quiet about who they were wanting to win. Cherry has a cheek endorsing Regan then complaining about others saying they back Yousaf.

Alastair Gordon
via thenational.scot

THE members are discussing and mulling over what the candidates have to say and are giving careful thought to how they vote. They want to choose the best available person for the Scottish people and independence. After that it will be up to us all to move forward. It would be good if it could be done without acrimony. We need to make a good case for the undecided voter to support us.

Marion Paterson
via thenational.scot