YESTERDAY’S Man, Boris Johnson, is attempting to thwart the efforts of Rishi Sunak to resolve Johnson’s own botched efforts to “get Brexit done”.

The claim was that Brexit was about taking back control, yet there were more than 40,000 migrants arriving on our shores by boat last year. Food and labour shortages add further to the uncertainty. So much for taking back control!

Growth was promised, but growth needs plenty of additional skilled workers, and we have an ageing population. This Tory government simply do not understand basic economic realities.

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The emerging toxic inadequacies of Boris Johnson’s former Cabinet (bullying, failure to pay taxes, and now the revelations about Hancock) show just how ineffective and idle Johnson was as a manager and a prime minister.

Now, he is set on stirring up more Tory infighting, making it more certain that the party will be even less electable, whilst in the meantime he tours the world making money from his glib, empty soundbites.

Pete Milory
Trowbridge, Wiltshire