I NOTE that Humza Yousaf, at the hustings in Cumbernauld on Wednesday, said he disagreed with the suggestion that an independent Scotland should join the European Free Trade Association (Efta), while on the same day, Stephen Flynn was demanding in Westminster that Scotland should get the same access to the EU single market which was being provided for Northern Island.

I can understand perfectly why Stephen is doing that because access to the EU single market as well as the UK market would be of great value to Scotland.

If Scotland was independent tomorrow, it could join Efta straight away, and that would give it immediate access to the EU single market and to the rUK market.

If we did that, we could get access to the single market without delay and this would not prevent Scotland from joining the EU if the Scottish people decided to do that.

So perhaps Humza could explain to us why we should not do that?

Andy Anderson