FAR be it from me to dare criticise Mr Greer and his article about Ms Forbes’s views (I’m a Christian too and my faith is why I support LGBT equality, Feb 22). However, isn’t it the case that the Church Of Scotland, of which Mr Greer is a part, has provision for congregations having the right to refuse to accept having a gay minister? Isn’t it also the case that Kirk ministers have the right to refuse to conduct gay marriages, if it is against their conscience?

Given these facts, why then is Mr Harvie happy to have Mr Greer in his party? Would Mr Harvie also refuse to work with Mr Yousaf, given he was absent from Holyrood on the day of the vote on equal marriage?

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Perhaps in his next comment piece Mr Greer could answer the points I have raised.

In the meantime, I would direct his (and others’) attention to Adam Tomkins’ comments in The National’s sister paper, The Herald. It would seem that Ms Forbes’s qualities are something that the Unionist side fears most.

Andrew Haddow