I AM at a loss as to why anyone continues to vote Conservative in Scotland. Do they see the Westminster government as honest? Do they see Douglas Ross as an asset? Perhaps they see Alister Jack as a democratic hero.

I can understand someone in England voting for the Tories. What choice do they have? The Labour Party is hardly any different. The English could vote Green, although their first-past-the-post system renders that a wasted vote. But in Scotland, there are at least three other parties to support. Proportional representation makes every vote worthwhile.

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The only reason I can see for Scots voting Tory is a desperation to maintain either their wealth or the Union, or perhaps both. But why would anyone interested in any semblance of equality do that?

In the last 12 years the Tories have made a gulf between rich and poor inevitable, and have crashed every public service. Surely, enough is enough.

Tony Kime