I WRITE regarding the announcement from Patrick Harvie MSP, minister for tenants’ rights, regarding the extension to rent freeze legislation. Or, rather, should it now be “rent cap” legislation?

Mr Harvie rightly made much of the legislation on its introduction. In communications to his party members, he said: “I have been and will continue to be at the heart of taking that forward.”

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Fast forward to now. The landmark rent freeze is no longer a “rent freeze”, but a “rent cap”. Private tenants will have rent increases capped at 3%. And social housing tenants, many of whom are nurses or are vulnerable people such as those with disabilities and their carers? A 6% increase – double that of the private sector. Why does the minister hate social housing tenants so much?

By his refusal to stand up to Big Housing, Patrick Harvie is allowing the most vulnerable in our society to be subject to a rent increase of double the legal maximum for the private sector. This is shameful. This is disgraceful. The minister for tenants’ rights must fix this or his position will no longer be tenable.

Adrian Fletcher